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Baely's is Preferred Over Musher's Secret Dog Paw Balm!

Why Should You Choose Baely's Paw Shield Instead of Mushers Secret Paw Wax?

Mushers Secret Paw Wax or Baely's Paw Shield?

Does Age Matter?

Okay, we get it...Mushers Wax has been around longer than Baely's Paw Shield. Mushers Secret is a better known and bigger company than our family business in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Just because you've been around longer, doesn't mean you're better does it? 

The Motorola Razor flip phone has been around longer than the newest iPhone...which one do you use? ;)

 Does Older Mean Better?

Baely's Paw Shield is Rated Higher than Musher's Secret Paw Wax

This is easy to verify. Just check out the reviews for Baely's Paw Shield at Amazon versus the reviews for Musher's Secret. 

While Musher's has more reviews (it is older remember), Baely's Paw Shield has better reviews and a better overall rating. Another fact to remember is that Amazon used to allow companies to give away free product in exchange for reviews...this was stopped by Amazon in 2017. The same year Baely's Paw Shield was introduced. 

How many of reviews of Musher's Secret were posted because people received free product? 

We know Baely's Paw Shield has exactly zero reviews that were posted as a result of getting free stuff. 

Musher's Secret Amazon Reviews:

Baely's Paw Shield Amazon Reviews:


Baely's Paw Shield is a Better Value than Musher's Secret Paw Wax

This one is simple too. 

Baely's Paw Shield is in a 4 ounce tin (113 grams). Musher's Secret is in a 60 gram plastic container (slightly less than 2 ounces). 

Ounce for ounce, Baely's Paw Shield delivers a better value for your money with most customers only needing 1 container annually. Bad for us, but Great for You! :)

Here's a note about price...

If you need just 1 tin of Baely's Paw Shield...Amazon offers this at a much better price that we can at Why? Shipping. Amazon gets far better rates than we do as a small business. 

If you need a bundle, have a coupon code or need multiple is the better way to buy our products. Amazon may ship from multiple warehouses and can't package everything together like we can. That's where we beat them.

So for one item...Amazon is cheaper, for more than one item, is cheaper.

Baely's Paw Shield Money-Saving Bundles


Paw Shield is formulated to perform better than Musher's Secret Dog Paw Balm

Baely's Paw Shield is the only dog paw balm on the market made with our special proprietary blend of all-natural plant butters.

What are plant butters? They are natural plant-based fats that soften and moisturize skin - but they are all solid at room temperature.

Other dog paw balms (like Musher's Secret) use vegetable oils because they soften the product and make it easier to spread and cheaper to make. The result is a soft product that needs less wax. This is fine if you live near the Arctic Circle since the snow your dog walks through will solidify the product.

Most of us do not live in an area as cold as the arctic. That's why we made our product to be effective in Hot and Cold climates. The result is a much better product in all environments.

Because we use only solid plant butters, our product does not stain carpet, furniture or flooring. Our product lasts longer after application and is very robust in hotter weather and much more robust in the snow and ice.

Unlike Musher's Secret, Baely's Paw Shield is Made in America with Ingredients purchased from Domestic USA Suppliers

Baely's Paw Shield is made in Atlanta, Georgia by our family-owned business. We buy all of our ingredients from suppliers based in the USA. All of our suppliers are registered with the FDA.

Why is this important?

Do a quick Google search for Chinese pet product recalls, or Chinese toys with lead-based paint. We do not buy the cheapest ingredients for our products. We made this decision at the on-set of opening our business.

We only buy ingredients that we know to safe from reputable companies registered and controlled by the FDA. We know your dog may lick our product. We want to know your dog is 100% safe. 

Musher's Secret is not Made in America and they don't state where they buy their ingredients.


We hope this was good information and that you will try our products. Below are links to our store and products page. We also have links to all of our products at Amazon. If you're buying multiple items, will definitely save you some money!





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