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Baely's is Preferred Over Musher's Secret Dog Paw Balm!

Trust the Original Made in America Paw Shield - Performs Better than Mushers Secret

Mushers Secret or Baely's Paw Shield? The Choice is Clear.

While Musher's Secret is a good generic dog paw balm, Baely's Paw Shield is the Original Made in America balm for your dog's paws. Our hundreds of verified customer reviews at Amazon and TrustSpot. 

We guarantee you will be far happier with our product or we will refund your money. Please see what makes Baely's Paw Shield the best choice for your dog by reading this article!


Difference #1: Baely's Paw Shield is Made Differently than Mushers Paw Wax

    Baely's Paw Shield uses a proprietary blending process much different than Musher's Secret.

    We designed Baely’s Paw Shield to be different than anything else available. We made Baely’s Paw Shield to be completely all-natural using only ingredients that are food grade (for human food) and that are robust enough to withstand both hot and cold climates.

    We wanted to make sure that Baely’s Paw Shield was produced in the United States with ingredients purchased from US-based companies that are registered with the FDA. We take a great deal of pride in Baely’s Paw Shield and all of our products, and we think it shows in the performance.

    Additionally, our proprietary formula and blending process enables us to create a product that offers vastly superior cold weather durability and protection while also withstanding higher temperatures experienced in the summer months. This process also enables Baely’s Paw Shield to incorporate premium moisturizers to help restore and heal callused, dry, cracked and rough paws.

    Common paw waxes like mushers secret paw wax use a simple heat, melt and pour process for their formulas. While very fast and inexpensive, this production method severely limits the selection of ingredients available to other companies. Since our process relies on proprietary blending techniques and careful controls, Baely’s Paw Shield is produced much slower – allowing us to use certain premium ingredients that can’t withstand the manufacturing processes used by other brands - including mushers paw wax.


    Musher's Secret Paw Wax versus Baely's Paw Shield



    TrustSpot Reviews Baely's Paw Shield


    Difference #2: Premium Ingredients

      Baely's Paw Shield's production process enables us to use premium ingredients that can't be used by Musher's Wax and other Paw Balm formulas.

      In addition to being made differently than common paw balms, Baely’s Paw Shield uses ingredients that are designed to prevent staining and transfer of our product to flooring and other materials. While our exact recipe is a secret (to help us prevent copy-cat products), we do commonly disclose that Baely’s Paw Shield uses no oils.

      As stated on their website, Musher Wax was “originally developed in Canada for use with sledding dogs” and is “made from a blend of several food-grade waxes and oils”. While using oils does make Musher's Paw Wax softer and cheaper than Baely’s Paw Shield, this softness limits the durability and protection factor of the product. If used solely for sled dogs, whose paws are submerged in snow for several hours each day, this may not be a critical factor, and mushers for dogs would be okay – but for the rest of us, we need a product that is durable.

      Another major difference between Baely’s Paw Shield and mushers balm, is that 100% of our products are made in America and made with ingredients that are purchased from US-based suppliers. This may not seem like a big deal, but consider the following:

      • Between 2007-2015, the US Food and Drug Administration and the American Veterinary Association report that 1,140 dogs died and over 6,200 became ill from imported jerky treats that were manufactured in China. Many of the animals fell ill from a rare kidney disease. While investigating the outbreak, the FDA detected antimicrobial and antiviral residues from the suspect products.
      • tested random imported pet toys from various retail stores in the United States, all of the toys tested revealed high levels of lead, chromium, cadmium, arsenic and mercury.

      There are thousands of documented cases of questionable and blatantly toxic pet products that have been imported to the United States. While it may cost slightly more to use US-sourced All-Natural Ingredients in our products, we would not have it any other way. We consider our pets to be a part of our family – and we wouldn’t knowingly expose a member of our family to an unnecessary risk.



      Baely's Paw Shield Proprietary Production Process



      Difference #3: Baely's Paw Shield was Designed to be the Best

        Mushers Secret Pet Paw Wax and other mushers paw balms were not designed to be used in all climates and all conditions like Baely's Paw Shield.


        Mushers Wax for Dogs and many of the other common dog paw balms on the market are basic products for their intended use. Mushers Secret Wax, for example, is formulated to be used by sled dogs in Canada or Alaska in the winter. It is made of wax and vegetable oil. This formula is very soft for easy application and then it sets up hard in the ice to protect the paw from cold conditions.

        Mushers Paste is not made to condition the paws, nor is it formulated to help heal calluses or for all-climate protection. In fact, on the Musher’s Secret website, the company states that their product was, “Originally developed in Canada for use with sledding dogs, Musher’s was first perceived as a cold weather solution. It is now used for year round protection in many different environments”.

        Mushers wax for dog paws was not designed for use in alternative environments or for paw conditioning. It was designed solely to be used on sled dogs.

        Baely’s Paw Shield is a much different formula made in a much different manner. Our product was designed with intent. We use only high melting point all-natural beeswax to help protect the paws from heat and cold. We use only solid plant butters, no vegetable oils – this provides superior moisturizing and paw conditioning properties. Baely’s Paw Shield also uses canine safe essential oils known to help calm and relax your dog – making him or her look forward to the application.

        Where Musher’s Secret was made for a very specific use – we made Baely’s Paw Shield in Atlanta, Georgia’s hot summer weather. We designed Baely’s Paw Shield to withstand heat, condition paws, and as a result – our formula is simply better in all conditions – including ice and snow.


        Difference #4: Our Mission

          Baely's Paw Shield is made by a family-owned company on a mission to save lives.

          Another significant difference between Baely’s Paw Shield and common paw balms is our mission. Baely’s Pet Products was founded to help us open and fund Baely’s Foster Sanctuary. Our family has been active in the foster and rescue community for several years. Once of the main reasons so many animals are euthanized annually is a lack of qualified Foster homes.

          Our family started Baely’s Pet Products so we can earn the money needed to build our Foster Sanctuary and fund it for the future. Operating a rescue or foster facility takes a great deal of funding. Most rescue organizations suffer from a severe lack of funding, and have to spend a lot of their time (and money) raising more money. It is our family’s hope that we can build this business into a successful and on-going brand that our customers depend on and value for many generations to come – and that we can build a network of facilities to save as many lives as possible.


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