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Our Mission

We create the highest quality products using natural & safe ingredients from American suppliers.

We provide the highest level of customer service because our customers are our friends in pet care.

We help our customers by providing the best advice from industry leading experts.

We use business proceeds to help save lives.


  • Baely's Foster Sanctuary

As you probably already know, we started our company for one reason – one day we would love to open our own foster sanctuary to help save as many lives as we can.

For years our family has been involved in the dog and cat rescue community. My wife, Stacy and my daughter have traveled thousands of miles transporting dogs and cats from foster homes to rescues – and from Shelters to fosters – and to forever homes from fosters. They did this for summer after summer (while my daughter was not in school) while I was at work.
On the weekends, we would assist at local adoption events. Many times, we wound up as Fosters when every other home was full. Since we are a normal working family, and don’t have endless amounts of money – fostering is the one thing we could do to help without breaking the bank!

So what’s a Foster Sanctuary? One day, and with your help, we would like to sell enough Baely's to justify buying some land to build our own Baely’s factory (right now we lease space from other businesses).

But not just a factory – on the same site, we would like to buy enough acreage (around 20 acres maybe) to also build kennels, green space and play space to properly house and well-care for at least 20-40 rescues waiting for their forever home. Our dream is to hire good people who love animals to help our family make Baely’s – and also to help us care for those animals who are in need of a forever home.

The Future of Baely's - With Your Help!


So that’s why we started Baely’s. It’s not a get-rich business (although that would be nice) – I actually still work a full-time job. Our family rents space from other businesses  - and we make our products on nights and weekends when the other factories are shutdown. It lets the owners of those businesses make money from our rent while they’re not using their space and equipment – and it helps us as a start-up to save money.

Baely’s has been in business for two years and we are steadily growing, but we have not been able to generate the kind of funds needed to make our vision a reality. With your continued support, positive reviews and referrals, we hope we can continue growing and save enough money to eventually make this dream a reality.

So that’s a little about us. I hope you enjoyed getting to know our story.

We don’t ask for donations, and we don’t accept donations. The best way to help us is to refer us to your family and friends. A link, photo, or mention on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter to your family and friends helps us build this business – it means a lot! Your repeat business also helps! If you need a pet product, please try Baely’s first! If you haven't checked-out our new products, please stop by our website and check them out!

We Don't Like to Brag, but we will let our Customers :)


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