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Baely's is Preferred Over Musher's Secret Dog Paw Balm!

Baely's is Easy to Apply!

Things to Remember


1) Baely’s Paw Shield is not a lotion. It is designed to be a wax-based balm that encapsulates the paw pads with a hydrophobic barrier that keeps water out, and holds the natural healing butters in contact with the skin. This provides excellent healing of cracked paws and hydration of hard calluses – and it also means it doesn’t wear away as quickly – saving you money.


2) Since Baely’s Paw Shield is made of natural plant butters and natural waxes, the temperature of the product will affect its hardness. In order to make Baely’s easier to apply (especially during the winter months); it needs to remain at room temperature. Upon delivery in the winter, Baely’s will be cold. The low temperate will make Baely's a little hard. This hardness is how the product protects your pup’s paws and keeps them dry and warm.


For Tips on How Much and How Often to Apply Baely’s Paw Shield, please visit our FAQ Page or follow this link – How Often Do I Need to Apply Baely’s Paw Shield?


How to Apply


1) Upon delivery, if Baely's Paw Shield was sitting in your mailbox in the winter, it will be hard due to the temperature of the product. Just let it get to room temperature to allow it to soften up, or you can place the tin in a hot water bath for a few minutes to speed-up the acclimation process.


2) The Top Layer of the Paw Shield will be glossy, use your thumb to pierce the glossy layer in the center. (Circle your thumb for a few seconds to use your body heat to warm the product.)


3) After piercing the center of the product, swirl the product using your thumb or fingers for a few seconds to transfer your body heat to the product through friction.


4) After a few seconds, Baely’s Paw Shield’s texture will be soft and creamy – similar to cream cheese. This is the optimum application temperature (around 90 degrees F).


5) Apply the product just as shown in the video below. Note the “crater” in the center and how smooth the product applies. This is perfect – and you will notice a dramatic change in your pup’s paws! Baely's applies very easily and is smooth and creamy.


Final Words 

  • In the end, if you decide that our product isn’t right for you, just let us know! We will gladly refund your money and thank you for giving Baely’s Paw Shield a try! We only want you to pay for the product if you think it is worth the money – we want happy customers.

    We Don't Like to Brag, but we will let our Customers :)


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