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Baely's Premium Pet Products is a company with a mission. The founding family has been active in the fostering and transportation of rescue dogs for quite some time. One of the biggest challenges facing rescue organizations today is a lack of available and suitable foster homes. This problem contributes to the needless euthanasia of over 1,500 dogs each day in the United States. 


Another problem that plagues animal rescue organizations is the chronic lack of funding. Rescue organizations are not funded by governments and rely on the financial support of donors. In fact, so much time is spent fundraising, many organizations spend most of their time (and money) raising funds.


We want to help save lives by opening a self-funded foster sanctuary for rescue dogs. Why self-funded? We don't want to rely on donations or ask people to donate. We want to provide an outstanding product with unsurpassed service so our company can be successful and fund our sanctuary. 


Our Vision for the Future of Baely's Premium Pet Products


1) Baely's Premium Pet Products was founded as a business to provide seed money and capital to acquire the property and assets needed to build Baely's Foster Sanctuary.

In other words, we don't want to ask for donations to build our Foster Sanctuary, your purchase from Baely's Premium Pet Products is our way of earning the money needed to make this a reality. 


2) Shown in the pictures below, Baely's Foster Sanctuary will provide climate controlled, clean conditions to ensure that our fosters are healthy and happy while they are waiting for their new permanent home.


3) Our plan is to acquire a minimum of 10-15 acres of farm land in rural Georgia to build our climate-controlled rescue facility, complete with a fenced exercise and play area, automatic food and water delivery system and a stocked veterinary clinic for on-site visits for vetting -- all to help reduce the costs for the Animal Rescue organization in need of our foster care.


4) On the same property, to help reduce the costs associated with running our foster sanctuary, we will build our manufacturing facilities -- with the family and employees helping to provide care for our Fosters until they reach their permanent homes.


How Can You Help Us Help Dogs?

At Baely's we believe that business can and should do good. We need your support to spread the word and help us make this vision a reality. In order to achieve our goal, we need to sell a lot of Baely's Products.

We're not asking for donations, and we will not accept donations. We only want you to help spread the word about Baely's Paw Shield and help us to grow our business and make Baely's Foster Sanctuary a reality.

Coming in 2019: Baely's Foster Sanctuary Crowd Funding Project

(Offering Pre-Orders of Baely's Products to meet our Funding Goal)



Example Layout of Baely's Foster Sanctuary



Example Climate Controlled Dog Foster Facilities

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