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FAQ - Will Baely’s help prevent my dog from slipping on the floor?

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Will Baely’s Paw Shield prevent my dog from slipping on my hardwood or tile flooring? Does Baely's Paw Shield improve my dog's traction on the floor or help to stop him from slipping? 

The short answer is - Yes.

We’ve found that the main reason that dogs slip is due to callused paws.

The calluses inhibit traction and grip. Senior dogs don’t generally slip because of their age - the phenomenon of paw slip is a little more complex. They slip because they’ve walked on paws that have never been treated with Baely’s Paw Shield to soften and condition the paw to increase their traction.

Using a dog paw grip or buying the little sticky things (that are supposed to be a dog paw anti slip) that help improve grip of your dog's paws are often a waste of money because they don't address the real cause of your dog's lack of foot traction or the cause of his feet to slip - plus most dogs will just chew them off anyway.

In order to correct this problem, we have to fix the root cause of the problem. Your dog's paws have lost traction due to the hardened paw callus that has taken years to develop. It will take a little time to get back the no slip paws he or she had as a puppy.


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Think of a basketball that is hard and full of air sitting on your hardwood floor. Very little of the basketball is actually in direct contact with the floor, right? Now image pressing down very hard on the same hard ball –  because the ball is so hard and full of air – very little of the ball will spread out to increase the ball’s “footprint” where it is in contact with the floor. The basketball represents your dog’s paw callus. It keeps the skin from spreading out and gripping the floor.

Now imagine the same ball – but we let some air out. Now the ball softens. Now if we apply weight, even more of the ball spreads out to increase the contact area, or “footprint”. This is your dog’s paw callus after you treat it with Baely’s Paw Shield for a couple of weeks. It softens to allow the paw to spread out and grip the floor.

Baely’s corrects both the root cause of the problem by encapsulating the paw in a beeswax layer while allowing the natural plant butters to heal and rejuvenate the paw pads. The wax prevents the moisture from escaping and helps inhibit bacteria from growing.

To fix the problem of dog paw slipping - apply Baely's Paw Shield every night. Why at night? So your dog won't be walking around causing friction and heat to wear away the product. When he's asleep, it'll allow the most contact and hydration time - for an overall better result.

In just a few weeks, you will see the difference. 


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