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About Us

Our History


Baely's Premium Pet Products is a family-owned business located in the Atlanta, Georgia area. Our company was founded after Baely's paws were injured after a long day of playing fetch. After coming inside, we family found that Baely's poor paws were raw, scraped and bloody.

After significant research, we developed Baely's Paw Shield – our first product. We knew that human products (like lotion) were not a good option - they contain toxins that could be harmful to dogs if licked - and we all know that dogs will lick anything :)

After launching Baely’s Paw Shield in 2017, we expanded our business in 2018 to include Baely’s Paw Shield Rescue Stick, Baely’s Nose and Callus Hydrating Balm, and TreatSimple All-Natural Dog Treats.

In 2019, after almost a year of product development, we launched Baely’s Groomer’s Secret line of grooming and care products. Formulated for professional grooming salons, Baely’s Groomer’s Secret is the ultimate spa experience for your dog!


A Few Details


Our family runs the business every day. We answer messages and e-mails from customers 7 days a week. We understand that as a family-owned business, we can offer something that our competition can't....personalized service and caring. We handle everything from buying raw materials to manufacturing and packaging. We know that every single container is right before we ship it.

Our commitment to animals is based out of our love for our animals. That’s why we offer the following commitment to all of our customers:


Our Promise

1) All of our products are Made in America – using ingredients purchased from American suppliers.
2) We use Natural Ingredients in all of our products.
3) We Guarantee that all of Our Products are Safe and Effective.
4) If you are not happy with your purchase – just let us know. Send an e-mail to We will make it right.


Our family’s goal is to expand Baely's Premium Pet Products into a known, trusted brand that delivers human-grade, Made in America products that raise the standard for pet products in America.

We want to give you an alternative to cheap, low quality imported products that are made in countries with zero regulation and oversight.

We believe that all pets deserve the highest standard of care and that pet product companies should be held to the highest standard. Why?

Our pets can't speak for themselves. We must be their voice.


Our family is also actively involved in the rescue community as fosters and donors. By building Baely's Premium Pet Products into a strong company, we hopes to one day open our own Rescue Sanctuary to show that companies can be successful and profitable because they are charitable - not by cutting costs at the expense of being good members of the community.

When you purchase one of our products, not only are you buying the highest quality product possible for your dog…you are helping to ensure that we can grow our business so we can reinvest and expand our product offerings.

Your purchase helps us fund product development – like that we can offer you more products that you know are Made in America and Guaranteed to be Safe, Effective and made from the best ingredients available.

We thank you for your support, and please feel free to contact us anytime!


Jason & Stacy - Founders of Baely's

We Don't Like to Brag, but we will let our Customers :)


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